XIAFEI took part in this year`s China Beauty Expo (CBE) from 20 May to 22 May 2019.
Three(3) days of showcasing SOFEA`s best in Perfume, nail polish, color cosmetics, and skin care products to the Big Crowds at CBE 2019 has come to a close.
China Beauty EXPO offered the exhibitors the opportunity to partner with international buyers/distributors/ customers.
Three days with full schedules including:

  • A record amount of visitors to XIAFEI BOOTH (XIAFEI BOOTH NUMBER: W1D33)
  • A record amount of visitors who are interested in SOFEA brand products and being our Brand retailer/distributor
  • A record amount of visitors who discovered that XIAFEI is also providing for export OEM/ODM/ contract full service manufacturing.
  • OUR XIAFEI DEVELOPMENT TEAMS AND SOFEA BRAND are always in the right orientation KAIZEN frame of mind (continuous improvement)–to bring to our customers affordable innovation to have a competitive edge.
    Thank you to all the visitors due to their great interest towards our SOFEA products, OEM/ODM/TURNKEY services and concepts/innovation.
    ***If you are sourcing excellent OEM/ODM/ contract full service manufacturing factory,
    Please feel free to contact us at sales@xiafeicosmetics.com for more information.



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