Quality Control

Currently, Xia Fei has around 30 employees under Quality Control division. It is formed by 4 sections which are Incoming Quality Control (IQC) for raw materials ingredients and packaging materials, in Process quality control (PQC), finished goods quality control (FQC)and outgoing quality control (OQC).

In-house tests in Xia Fei Lab includes microbiological test, stability test, compatibility test, physical test, drop test and preservative efficacy test.

Besides this, in order to avoid defective mass production and quality control before production, Development division performs our own tests during developing new products .Such as vibration test, full case and primary package drop test, thermal test for multi-piece components, leakage test for bottles and jars, and etc.,

We insist a sound quality assurance management enables Xia Fei to gain a high reputation in both domestic and international market.


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